To stay for the holidays in the south of France

To stay for the holidays in the south of France

The south of France has a perfect climate to enjoy a holiday under the sun. In many ways, this destination allows you to discover typical villages of the region and modern cities. More information: South Cape real estate.

It is not uncommon for vacationers to choose to spend weeks in the area to forget the routine of everyday life. Some villages are even classified among the most beautiful in France. You can discover the breezes of Sirocco and Mistral. All this awaits you in the Côte d’Azur so that you can enjoy your holidays as it should and especially in complete privacy.

For those who are looking for a vacation rental in the area, it has many properties that individuals can rent the time of their holidays. You no longer need to go to hotels and spend in restaurants that sometimes take advantage of the tourist appeal of the region to increase their price. Indeed, you can find furnished houses for rent. It is also not uncommon to be offered apartments. If you have a budget high enough, you can even throw your devolue on a luxury villa fully equipped.

The beachfront apartments from Cannes to Antibes

Enjoy the beauty of the sea through the apartments located nearby. Not only could you enjoy the view, but the sea itself. Real estate located on the seaside between Cannes and Antibes are among the most sought after in the region. Discover the site: Also, it does not remain available long. These apartments often have private terraces on which you can enjoy the view. Renting an apartment will not be limited to staying between 4 walls and not seeing what is happening outside. During your walks on the edge of the sea, you can discover the port. This is also where you will discover many yachts as splendid as each other.

Agencies also offer villas for holidays on the French Riviera. You can rent for a family holiday. You will enjoy many benefits such as the presence of swimming pool, more space and especially privacy. In any case, the proximity of the sea will allow you to go there at any time. You can even go for a walk at the end of the day to enjoy the evening breezes.

Rent a large villa with pool at the foot of the water

The beachfront villas are one of the most luxurious real estate in the French Riviera. To find one on the French Riviera is not so difficult. Indeed, agencies offer and with benefits. Most are villas with pool. Celebrities who rent this kind of real estate like the discretion it offers. This allows them to enjoy the sun and the sea in complete privacy. These villas are not only close to the sea, but also have swimming pool. So you can choose between bathing in the latter or in the sea water.

Some real estate agencies have a broad proposal that aims to best satisfy its customers. Indeed, some of them have proposals in different neighborhoods whose common point is the seaside. For some real estate, the sea is located less than 10 meters. Many features are highlighted as the area of ​​the villa is often quite large. Some can even reach 5000 m². Also, the number of rooms varies according to the property. Each room is as spacious as the others. Mostly, these villas have terraces on which you can lie in the sun. One of the advantages of real estate located in the coasts is that they can have green space. Adorned with trees and vegetation, these rentals allow its tenants to rub shoulders with nature.

This kind of real estate is rarely for sale. They are mainly offered for renting.

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