Tips for renovating an old house

Tips for renovating an old house

You have inherited or bought an old house and would like to make some changes to make it a vacation home or even a main home? Do not bother, we advise you and guide you on what will be done to renovate it in the rules of art.

First of all, it is advisable to take into account the preparations such as the housing plan with the renovation and the necessary financial means. This will avoid you having nasty surprises during the work. It will therefore be useful to determine in advance the repairs, the changes of appliances to be provided such as heating, plumbing or electronic installations. Often, we forget to inquire about the required permits, however, it is necessary to consult the municipal services to know and more and to obtain the administrative authorizations relating to the work of building site to be made. We also sometimes wonder if it is mandatory to turn to an architect, it is not always at hand, but for large-scale work, it is better to speak to a professional. Then, it is recommended to check the roof as well as the other exterior elements of your home such as doors and windows. It is possible that a demolition or large works are to be done, so please prepare accordingly.

Wall insulation

To properly undertake a renovation, the insulation of walls and attics is imperative. It is often argued that old houses do not need insulation because they already have very thick walls. Yet, over time, its facades become less and less insulating and does not protect more than a thin partition. This is why insulation is always recommended for the renovation of old buildings. And it’s even more so for buildings with concrete walls. These works will bring a clear improvement of the thermal and acoustic comfort in your home. You will be both protected against the cold of winter, but also pleasantly ventilated in summer. In addition to this little plus side comfort, insulation will increase the value of your real estate property in a significant way given the conditions imposed by current regulations (it is never too early to consider a resale!). Your household will also consume less energy. That’s as good for your wallet as it is for the environment! To ensure that wall insulation is optimal, consider the thickness and strength of the insulation.

Work on the roof

Roofing is an essential element when it comes to renovation whether it is to redo it entirely or to make small repairs first level. It is, in fact, the main protection and coverage of your home, so it must remain flawless to prevent leakage and loss. Before deciding to completely renovate the roof, it is better to ensure that the repair solutions are yes or no. First check the condition of the roof structure, insulation and roofing. What poses most often problem with the roof, it is of course the watertightness, it starts with leaks in the house, then traces of humidity and finally infiltrations along the walls, hello mildew! Leaks can result from broken tile or crowding in the gutters and can still be solved by pipe cleaning or professional intervention. Major renovations are to be considered if your roof is in very bad shape, if it falls in ruins or if it presents molds outside or inside the house. Before re-installing the roof, check that the frame is still able to support a new structure. In the case where the framework is not reassuring, it is advisable to start strengthening to ensure more reliability and durability to your home.

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