The sales mandate: what do you need to know?

The sales mandate: what do you need to know?

Consider selling a property is a serious project that involves some steps to follow. So it is important to leave nothing to chance. To do it right, you can decide to entrust the sale of your property through a natural or legal person holding a professional card issued by the prefect. It is the agent who is no other than a real estate agent or a real estate agency. Then for the mandate of sale: what is it necessary to know? To find out more: agent has the mission to find a buyer on behalf of the principal. The owner will therefore entrust the publication of his real estate sales offer to his agent. After agreeing the conditions of sale of the property, the principal and agent will sign a compromise that will determine the remuneration of the professional and the indication of the party who will be responsible. It also specifies the conditions under which the agent will be authorized to receive, pay or remit sums of money, property, effects or securities. In other words, the sales mandate indicates the operations that can be undertaken by the agent. The sales mandate: what do you need to know? Apart from its content, it should also be known that the mandate of sale of the property must be established in writing and duplicated in original copies according to the number of parties. Each of these copies must include the acceptance of the representative.

The real estate agent’s mission during an exclusive sales mandate

In practice, the owner can entrust the sale of his house or apartment to a provider by choosing a simple mandate or an exclusive mandate. Under a simple mandate, the owner of the property can conduct research in parallel in order to find potential buyers in addition to the agent’s service. The real estate agent’s mission during an exclusive sales mandate takes on a whole new twist. In this case, the agent takes care of everything and the client will not have the right to sell the property without going through the professional. Discover the website: .The exclusive mandate therefore specifies the prohibition to the owner to sell his property directly because the real estate agent will have the exclusivity on his property. The latter will have the mission to find a buyer and it will be paid by commission. If the owner of the property still succeeds in selling his property without the intervention of the real estate agent, he will be required to pay the commission. It is to know that the fees of the real estate agent are free. According to the law, the exclusive mandates must specify the particular actions to which the mandatary engages, as well as the modalities and periodicity of reporting to the mandator. This mandate may be extended by tacit agreement. The owner can opt for another alternative such as the exclusive single or semi-exclusive mandate. This gives the property owner the opportunity to try to sell his property on his own or by contacting other real estate agencies at the same time.

The obligations of the owner towards the real estate agency

The obligations of the owner to the real estate agency can not be simpler. First, the seller must submit to the estate agency a series of real estate diagnostics concerning the property. This in order to allow the agency to offer the buyer to acquire a property without any reservation on its condition. However, some real estate agencies responsible for the sale of the property may offer the cost of diagnostics in an exclusive contract. These different diagnoses will serve as a guarantee in the deed of sale. It is therefore the diagnosis of lead, asbestos and termites, diagnosis of energy performance, state of natural, mining and technological risks, mortgage status, surface area of ​​the property and sanitation diagnosis. If the seller does not deliver these diagnoses, the sale may be suspended or even canceled. The property must then be in accordance with the detailed description in the final act of sale. Once the sale is concluded, the seller must pay the real estate agency the agreed remuneration according to the fees indicated by the professional in the mandate of sale. The sales mandate: what do you need to know? For more information on this issue, feel free to browse the specialized sites.

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