Luxury real estate on the edge of the water on the French Riviera

Luxury real estate on the edge of the water on the French Riviera

The French Riviera, better known as the Côte d’Azur, is one of the favorite destinations of the rich. The assets of this region attract many investors and vacationers. In order to enjoy the comfort of this heavenly region, they do not hesitate to buy or rent real estate at a very high price. The sea views properties are the most sought after. To meet the expectations of a population that is as selective as it is demanding, prestigious properties are also numerous.
Beachfront villas are also a hit with luxury Real estate French Riviera. Their main asset is the direct access to the sea. To accentuate even more the beauty of the entourage, these luxurious houses are often built close to green spaces. Added to this are the comfort and discretion that celebrities seek.
The French Riviera is an excellent investment for those wishing to exploit the real estate market. Whether building, buying or renting, expect very high prices. Claiming a property in this area is not for all budgets. Question price, sellers take into account various criteria to fix it. They consider, among other things, the location or the condition of the property.

Buy luxury villa Nice Ouest / Cambrai

The region of Nice like all the rest of the Côte d’Azur is a place of residence very coveted. With regard to Nice of the West, it is the youngest district of the city. If you are looking for a villa for sale Nice, you can discover in this part. Some can reach more than 130 m² with little extras such as a solarium with summer kitchen and terrace. More informations :
Nice has various luxury villas, some of which are for sale. The style of these villas is very diverse. Also, whatever your preferences, you will undoubtedly find the house of your dreams. It is still important to make a decision fairly quickly. Properties in this area are not available long.
The price of luxury real estate near the Boulevard de Cambrai in Nice varies according to the characteristics. For a house, it is necessary to foresee between 3 000 and 6 000 €. For the purchase of a real estate, the best is to appeal to a real estate agency. This offers more ease and guarantees. Also, you are not likely to encounter paperwork problems. You also have more choices when you use this kind of company.

Sale architect designed house sea view, Borough Mont Boron

If you are looking for maximum accessibility to the beach and the sea, the Mont Boron district in Nice is the place that suits you. This peninsula of the French Riviera, in addition to the nature that is still very present, is a neighborhood of choice with its prestigious real estate. The residences and luxury villas that are there have very attractive assets such as an infinity pool and the breathtaking views of the sea and the coast.
You can find architect houses with a unique design. The advantage of this type of home lies in the fact that it adapts to the environment that surrounds it. This is the ideal type of residence if you want to enjoy modernity while leaving room for nature. Also, it is a house that has been designed according to the demands of the owner in addition to the architectural details. For this kind of real estate, the owner takes into account several criteria to set the selling price. That’s why the cost of this real estate family is significantly higher compared to builder’s homes. The house sale is essentially by real estate agencies

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